Artist Gallery Website Design

Renew the Garden, is a website featuring the art of Michaela Gardener.  This project required an elegant way to display her artwork, so we went with a Flash gallery called SimpleViewer.  This technology also connects to Flickr, so she can update the gallery with ease.  We also set up a Paypal shopping cart, so visitors can buy prints.  I also made her a classy Flash intro for her site to make a great first impression.  She wanted to use a specific font throughout the site, and so the only way to do that was to make all the text images.  That isn’t as good for search engines, although it didn’t matter to her, because most of the people going to the site were going to be people she handed her cards to.  Before we met, she had been designing the site herself using Photoshop.  She just needed me to take the graphics, and code them into the actual website.  The site came out wonderfully well, and we are both very happy with the way the website came out.

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