Recording Artist Web Page Design

Copper Kid Solo found my website on google, and called me because he liked my work.  I setup a Custom WordPress Blog which features his music, and also did the graphics for his album cover for his single and logo for his record label.  He had a clear vision of what he wanted for the artwork, and some great photos taken by a professional photographer.  I made him a great photo gallery connected to Flickr that he can update himself.  Being a musician myself, this was a great project for me, and I had a lot of helpful suggestions and resources to offer.  For example I told him about, which is an online community with a lot of great tool/widgets for recording artists to market and sell music.

Since then, I’ve also sold him a couple of my original beats for his album which is still a work in progress.  I also designed his business card and full album artwork for when it’s finished.  FYI, he is an amazing vocalist from Jamaica, which is the most synchronistic part considering I was born in Jamaica.

We really made a great connection, and will be working on more projects in the future.

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