Unique Clothing Design Website

Seed of Creation Web Design

Here’s a cool centered sacred geometry web design.  The owner of the website provided all the images, and I did all the coding, and layout.  It’s got a custom Flash slideshow and newsletter signup on the home page.  It’s also got an interesting flower of life menu on the right side that links to his […]

Skin Care Website Development

Website HTML & CSS Coding

The graphics and layout were provided by the owner of the site. I recreated the design in photoshop, and did all the back-end coding and development. It’s a static html site that also features an extensive Paypal shopping cart with custom add to cart buttons I designed. There’s also a Google map embedded

Custom Massage Therapy Site

This was a website I did fresh out of my web design school.  It’s a unique layout and an interesting rollover menu made in Photoshop, and a colorful Hawaiian pastel look and feel.  I did all the graphics and coding myself.  It’s a static html website with a dynamic repeating background, and it also features […]

Dance Troop Website Design

For this website, we chose a black background to really make the images stand out.  It’s an artistic site, and I made a custom photo slideshow.  It’s simple and colorful.  They wanted me to embed a video player as well.  I had fun making this design, and it came out looking great. Visit website

Custom eCommerce Web Design

Sacred Bali Design was a project that required simplicity and beauty. My clients needed a paypal shopping cart for a wide range of products, and a password protected area for wholesale prices. They also needed me to put their logo into digital form from the labels. For the products, it shows an overview