Logo for Denver Based Hypnotherapist

Jack wanted a simple logo design, although he hadn’t given it much thought. He hired me as an independent contractor, and I helped him consider the symbolism he wanted to represent his brand. He decided on an oak tree. It signifies stability with the roots running deep. I also designed a website and brochure for Jack […]

Responsive Website for Denver Based Hypnotherapist

Denver based Hypnotherapist, Jack Dufford, hired me as a freelance web designer. He wanted something very simple and old school. He didn’t want it to feel too polished or slick. He just wanted something very clean, minimal, and beautiful to display the information online which would also end up in his brochure. He also wanted a logo design, although he […]

Negative Space Logo Design Techniques in Illustrator

Typographic negative space effect in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, I will go over a technique or two for creating letters that connect using this negative space trick. It’s a tip that is well useful when designing logos. It’s very simple using the pathfinder tool to combine shapes. You can move points around individually to […]