Audiovisual Design

I have been interested in multimedia production for many years. I enjoy recording music, creating sound effects, editing video, animation and more. This section of my portfolio will showcase a some examples of projects I’ve done for myself and clients.

Sound Design & Music Production

One of my greatest passions in life is music. I have been a sound designer/music producer for over 15 years, and have a growing number of listeners and fans. I have licensed original sound design/music productions for movies, animations, commercials, product demos, websites, rappers, and more. I have also worked with talented musicians to record their projects from start to finish.

Video Editing & Animation

2005 to 2006, I took courses at Butte Community College in Chico, CA for Video Editing, 2D Animation and Multimedia Design. I have created interactive user interfaces, built animated websites, developed custom widgets and more.

Audiovisual Demos

Blue Lotus Media Intro Video

Here is video/animation demo I created in 2011 to showcase my work. I made everything in this video including the time-lapsed screen captures, animation and music.

Logo Animation with Custom Sound Design

Here is an example of my logo animation and sound design skills in action. I created the logo and animation with custom sound fx, and the background art was contributed by Nathan Sargeant, Veiled Minds Designs. This logo is for my music project, Antandra.

The Superfood Snacks commercial is another good demo of my audiovisual work. I collaborated with my friend Zak Human who designed the logo and compiled the images. I did all the animation work, produced the background music, and recorded the voice-over using a high quality condenser microphone.

Featured Musical Work


Antandra is my moniker for creating downtempo chill and dance music. Under this project I have won multiple remix contests, released several albums and tracks on labels and compilations, and played numerous shows on the lineup with top-notch music producers including Bluetech, Ott, Kalya Scintilla, Sixis, Drumspyder, Desert Dwellers and many more.

Whale Trance

Whale Trance is an album made by a couple friends of mine. I was the recording engineer, editor and ghost producer for the entire project on the clock. Some of my tasks involved editing out clicks and pops from the whale recordings, mic placement, processing recordings and helping with the overall arrangement and mix.

I made this short animated unofficial iPod commercial for a school project. I did not produce the music for this one, although I did enjoy making the video go along with it.

This is my most popular video with over 50,000 views. I created the animation and musical Birthday mashup myself. (Audio compression is strange. My apologies.)

The following is a simple music video that I put together.

Here is a short frame-by-frame animation I created inspired by the movie Waking Life.

This is a short cartoon music video I did as a class project.

A really silly dubstep Christmas video that I put together with all original music production and animation.