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I offer complete marketing packages that are custom tailored to my client's specific situation. My number one objective is to under promise and over deliver. I strive to offer the best service possible.

I will give you a free initial consultation to learn about what you do, what your expectations are, and discover your primary goals. I will carefully consider that information to come up with a personalized proposal, and if you choose to move forward with my marketing solutions, we will take it from there.

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Web Design/Development

From graphic design to web templates and customizations.  My goal is to make your vision come to life.  Every client is important to me, and I offer service to the best of my ability.  Here are the types of  websites I specialize in:



Although I can work with pretty much any CMS, social network, or template, I've been recommending WordPress for most situations.  It seems to have all the functionality that my clients need, and I'm the most familiar with it's framework.  Not only that, it saves my clients money, because it saves me so much time and energy.  Also, it's so easy for my clients to update with new text, images, audio, and videos.  I can make websites with static and or dynamic elements.


Dynamic Website Vs. Static Website

The difference between these two options is simple.  Dynamic sites stretch to fill the screen at any width or height.  Static websites are a fixed width, and stay that size no matter what you window size or resolution. You can also have a combination of the two. A lot of the modern responsive websites are built on this principle. 

UXD - User Experience Design

UXD is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product. Focus on the user. Define who they are. Give them a name and age. Come up with their challenges, and then brainstorm solutions. User experience is designing with ease of use in mind. It’s good design. It’s considering each element of the process, and keeping in perspective the project as a whole.

Collect data about objective, needs, branding, success, user problems, state of the art etc. What does the site need to do? What are the competitors doing? What can we do? Develop content to solve the problems that the data presents. Come up with ideas and flowcharts. See what the conventions are. Sketch wireframes. Make usability simple. Don’t frustrate, confuse or make them feel stupid. Give feedback and cues to show how to interact with your design and make your design fool proof. Child proof your design by removing the dangers. Do not put a clear button next to the save button. Or at least add an extra step to be sure the user wants to clear. Keep it human and authentic. Treat people on technology the way you would in real life.

Stay a beginner. Look at what you design through the eyes of the new user. Take time to notice the small problems and solve them. Take a step back, and look at all the steps in the process. Combine, rearrange or remove steps to simplify the process. When we habitualize processes, we tend to overlook the details.


UID - User Interface Design

Designing interactive content for your target user. There needs to be more than one interactive element on a website for it to require UX/UI. 



Flash is no longer going to be supported in web browsers for security reasons. You can read more about it here. I have education in Flash websites, but I also use it for animation and video clips which will remain unaffected. Most of what I used to do for clients' websites using Flash however, I can now accomplish using more modern web technologies like HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, and Jquery. I do in some cases convert Flash based projects into more modern responsive designs.


Graphic Design for Web & Print

I can design any graphical elements of your website, or even a complete template mockup.  I also do graphics for print such as business cards, posters, handbills, brochures, album artwork, logos, t-shirts and more.  I am very proficient in Photoshop, and can get the job done good, fast, and cheap.



This is a great way to share information about your business in a fun and informative way.  I can create custom presentations, and commercials that highlight a product or service's benefits.  It's a very powerful marketing tool, and can also be really humorous.  I can also add layers to video editing projects to take them to a more professional level, and create special effects for green screen backgrounds etc.


Video Editing

I have some training and a little experience with Final Cut Pro.  If you send me some footage, and give me an idea or what you're looking for, I can put something great together.  There's nothing better for promotion than a really great video.  It attracts new clients and leads to you with no further effort, and makes a great addition to your website, making it a multimedia experience.


Music Production

My video editing teacher said that audio can make or break your movie.  If you have a powerful soundtrack, it can make even a poorly made video seem way more professional.  I license music to be used in films, and can even make sound effects that fit perfectly in time with your movie.  I also make beats for MCs to sing/rap on, and do all my own mixing and mastering.



Q: What hosting provider do you recommend?

A: I am currently recommending DreamHost for hosting and domain name solutions. Use the promo code "BLUELOTUSMEDIA" to get $47 off hosting plans.

Q: What's the turn-around time?

A: I work very fast, although the turn-around time varies based on the project complexity and how busy I am.

For more information regarding any of these services, contact me.