LavaLamp menu Plugin for WordPress

LavaLamp menuLavaLamp menu is a really sweet jQuery plugin for created an animated menu background that follows mouse movements.  The LavaLamp is a cool effect, and can also be accomplished using Flash, although the advantage of using jQuery is that it’s more compatible with mobile devices.  There’s no way to track mouse movements for hover effects when using a touch screen, although at least the menu would load on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Here are a couple examples of sites that I made which use the Lamplamp menu plugin:


Here are the basic steps I took to install and configuring the LavaLamp menu plugin:

  1. Go to Add New under plugins
  2. Search for the plugin
  3. Install it
  4. Activated it
  5. Go to the settings and check the boxes for the types of menus you want to use the menu
  6. Check the box to use the default or custom css
  7. Remove any css  that may be interfering with the default  LavaLamp menu css.
  8. Edit the css code to style the menu to your hearts content
  9. Alter the background image



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