Web Designer Portfolio

A Wall of Websites

Having a strong web presence is important. A well designed website needs to be so outstanding that your visitors feel compelled to go tell someone about it, and it at least needs to be very clean and user-friendly. I worked with many clients over the years to design custom websites. The purpose of this website is to […]

Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins 2016

Today I want to show you my top 10 favorite WordPress plugins that I find myself using again and again whenever I design websites for clients. These plugins will speed up your workflow, and offer valuable tools for designing your website. Even if you’re a web developer, WP plugins can save you so much time and effort. That’s one of the […]

Custom WordPress Website for Woodworking Academy

GPD Academy is a custom WordPress website I designed for world-class woodworking expert, Gregory Paolini. He needed a site that matched the look and feel of the Woodshop website I developed for him previously. We copied some elements such as the color scheme, layouts, and information. Some custom advanced functionality was also required for the […]

Logo for Denver Based Hypnotherapist

Jack wanted a simple logo design, although he hadn’t given it much thought. He hired me as an independent contractor, and I helped him consider the symbolism he wanted to represent his brand. He decided on an oak tree. It signifies stability with the roots running deep. I also designed a website and brochure for Jack […]

Responsive Website for Denver Based Hypnotherapist

Denver based Hypnotherapist, Jack Dufford, hired me as a freelance web designer. He wanted something very simple and old school. He didn’t want it to feel too polished or slick. He just wanted something very clean, minimal, and beautiful to display the information online which would also end up in his brochure. He also wanted a logo design, although he […]

Editing SCSS with Brackets & Koala on Mac OSX

Made a tutorial video on how to edit SCSS (Sassy CSS). I will be using Koala & Brackets on Mac OSX. They are both free applications for the Mac. I reference a color scheme I made previously for a client. You will see the process of copying the hex codes to my WordPress Theme’s SCSS file. You will […]